Bug Reports and Technical Issues

Constructing Good Bug Reports! (4)
Not able to load image (1)
Changelog ( 2 3 ) (54)
Gaps appear in previous tracing (5)
Virtual finger hangs (2)
Score updates seem to lock me out of tracing (5)
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Error msg when trying to load neuron image for 140 (2)
Straight lines appear (3)
Getting Mozak to Work with an Apple Mouse (1)
First Traces: I Can't "Hold down the right mouse button and drag to this location" (6)
Not able to enter Play Mode (2)
Non-loading Problem (12)
After changing challenge, account gets locked in to a single challenge (6)
Impossible to remove wrong long traces (13)
WebGL crash in V1-105 (4)
Stray line in mouse v1-85 (7)
Problems with Disconnected Pink Trace (3)
New trace is offset from neuron when Coverage updates (4)
Turning off the consensus settings for these problems does not work properly (1)
When in full screen mode the selected area is inconsistent (4)
disconnected view and dots very near to each others (12)
dendrite/axon selector loses aspect ratio in full screen (2)
Yellow blocky squares appear while using CtD mode on the Opera browser (2)
Level number placement (3)
[Bug] Running Mozak puzzles while VPN is on fails to connect (2)
Using arrow keys in chat box moves the plot (3)
No Image in Firefox on Ubuntu (2)
MOZAK lost connection to the game server (2)
disappearing traces (2)