Are there any efforts to make Mozak available on mobile devices?


I rarely use my desktop. Would be more inclined to play on my iPad:-)


Fair question. I think that, intuitively, the game seems like a good match for a touchscreen tablet. It is something we’d like to accomplish some day, but as of right now we are focusing our efforts on making the desktop version as smooth and accurate as possible. A big hurdle we’d need to overcome is how “data-hungry” the game is. Each dataset is massive and it took quite a bit of time and effort to get that running smoothly in a browser. Perhaps in the future, but it’s not something we are actively working on right now.


So I know this thread isn’t the newest but I have been playing on my surface as i thought using the pen would be an amazing way to trace neurons (it is btw…). However I have been struggling because of the different “mouse clicks” needed. Keeping the surface up with the keyboard attached makes using the pen very hard. I’ve also been struggling with loading data sets but will try in different browsers to see if that makes any difference :slight_smile:


Let us know how it works out!


Sorry, had a crazy time at work and haven’t played in a while. Getting back into it on my laptop for now but ill swap to my surface soon hopefully. Will definitely keep you updated on what works/doesn’t work :slight_smile: