Cannot see neuron when tracing in tutorial

I am attempting to go through the “first traces” tutorial after zooming in, I cannot see any signal to trace (for the 200 points). I am on a Mac with a relatively new operating system. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox and neither work.


Apologies for the issues. Safari on mac definitely has the neuron loading issues. I tried firefox and chrome though and was able to load the first volume you indicated.
The machine I was running it was macOS Catalina 10.15.3
Would both of you be able to paste the contents of the dev tools with Chrome? It would be super useful for us to debug since we are having trouble replicating.

The command on mac is
option + command + i
Press all those 3 keys at once (option and command should be right next to the spacebar)
This will open the dev console. If you see any message colored in red, could you paste them in a response?

Hi szetor,

I didn’t see any errors, but did get this warning. Hope it’s helpful.

_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72538 [DEPRECATION] ember-addons/ember-computed-decorators is deprecated. Please use discourse-common/utils/decorators instead.
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Thanks, it seems like that is related to the forum.
Is that the only warning that shows up when you try to load the neuron?
Are you still having issues, it seemed like some of our systems were flaky due to a couple machines running low on resources that we addressed later in the evening.