• UI/UX

    • A magnifier has been added to allow for more precise touch controls on mobile platforms. This feature is in beta and may have issues; at the moment, we’re aware of a bug causing incorrect behavior on iOS.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Backend work on the neuron images for upcoming exciting features!



  • Gameplay

    • Significant overhaul to the tutorials to both make them faster to complete as well as more accurate to the behavior while playing a normal neuron. Some of the tools/buttons are unlocked more gradually and have a short description introducing them.
    • Within the tutorial sequence, tooltips should now point to the appropriate location even if the browser window resizes or the game camera is reoriented.
  • UI/UX

    • To make comments easier to see, they have been given a solid green fill while in both 2D and 3D view mode.
    • While at the game, clicking the links on the top navigation bar (which has categories like Community, Learn, Challenges, etc) will open a new tab instead of navigating you away from the game.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Resolve a mixed content error that occurs when a new user attempts to register via the form pop-up that appears on top of the game. This prevent the user from logging in automatically after registering.



  • UI/UX

    • While in the 2D map view, if you zoom the camera far in enough, points and nodes are rendered. This should allow better viewing of disconnected portions. It will also be used for future trace features.
    • We have removed the scan button as we felt is did not provide any additional functionality that could not already be handled by the z-slice slider.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Resolve issue where performing an undo while in Connect-the-Dots mode did not restore the z-slice value of the node before the one that was undone.



  • UI/UX

    • While in Connect-the-Dots mode, clicking on a highlighted node (colored orange) will always unselect it. Previously there was an idea of clicking on the same node to ‘commit’ the new segments. The notion of committing a trace in that fashion has been removed.
    • While in Connect-the-Dots mode, ending a segment at an existing node will now no longer highlight that end node. This means you will no longer have to click that node again in order to start a new trace or connection. We felt that the common situation when you end a trace at an existing node was to immediately work on a different area rather than branch off from that existing node.
    • While using Connect-the-Dots, your working score will now increase everytime you add a new node instead of waiting for a ‘commit’ of the entire segment.
    • Change some of the text in the tutorial levels.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix issue where using the arrow keys while in 3D mode would cause the 3D volume to shift out of view immediately.
    • Fix issue where Auto-Z Trace setting was not being saved after refreshing the page or reloaded
    • Fix issue where when Auto-Z was turned off, the z-slice would still sometimes shift when using Connect-the-Dots.



  • UI/UX
    • Adjust color and background on score ui for better contrast
  • Gameplay
    • Added a basic quest system. Quests are tasks that a player can complete during the course of tracing by using specific tools or tracing enough of the neuron. Currently, their primary purpose is to help introduce the player to the game during the initial tutorial sequences, we hope to expand it and make it more engaging in the future for more experienced players.
    • Making preparations for a future feature that will allow for user to trace while in 2D mode. Right now this will not be enabled, but hope to make it available soon.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix regression where Auto-Z still was not being saved and still causing the z-slice to shift by one sometimes even when the setting is off
    • Fix warping of the neuron image that can occur if you zoom the camera inside the 3D volume
    • Fix long standing regression where if you returned to 2D view from 3D, the 2D map was completely zoomed out rather than focusing in on the area you were previously zoomed into while in 3D.



  • Gameplay
    • Added a brief tutorial sequence that introduces consensus and consensus scoring.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue where the score ui can bleed over and overlap with the quest button.
    • Fix issue where tracing is incorrectly offset from the cursor under certain situations after a canvas resize.
    • Fix issue where the Virtual Finger button under certain situations can disappear after clicking on a hotspot.



  • UI
    • Added special gesture images that show if you are playing the tutorials while on a mobile device.
    • Added mobile specific instructions if playing tutorials on a mobile device
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue where the magnifier trace helper was not displaying on iOS
    • Fix issue where in game registration page was not scrollable on iOS
    • Fix issue where if there is a network interruption, the web browser needs to refresh to continue. Now it reconnects automatically
    • Fix issue where sometimes tooltips would jitter and reposition incorrectly
    • Fix issue where hotspots could not be selected on mobile devices
    • Fix issue where going to polyline tutorial incorrectly still shows hotspot bonus icons from the regular neuron the player was at
    • Fix issue where an empty black box for the score appears at the start of the very first tutorial level
    • Make quest button have hand icon on hover
    • Make it so tooltips hug the boundary of the canvas instead of disappearing completely



  • UI
    • Make mouse-hover over caption on various buttons show up on touch devices via a press and hold gesture.
    • Adjust position of tooltips on hotspots.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue where the tool buttons on the left panel can collapse together and overlap if the screen is made too small.
    • Fix issue where players who registered several months ago and did not finish the tutorials could get stuck in an old tutorial scenario
    • Fix issue where data the client sends to the game server get dropped if there is a connection issue on the server side.
    • Fix issue where virtual finger can stall for several seconds and become unresponsive in certain situations
    • Improvements to virtual finger algorithm to make it create smoother curves.
    • Adjust help page with updated controls for mobile devices and removed controls that were no longer in use.



  • Gameplay
    • A small batch of achievements have finally been added. You can view the ones you have unlocked by going to your player info page. You can go to it by clicking your username near the upper right hand portion of the screen. Currently only neurons that have been closed will contribute to the progress of the current achievements, so there might be delays before they are actually unlocked.
    • If you have unlocked an achievement since the last time you have loaded a neuron, a small notification will appear indicating what the achievement was. Clicking on it will take you to your player page.
  • UI
    • While in 3D mode, if you hover over node and zoom in and out, the camera will stay centered on the node.



  • Gameplay
    • Make hotspots filled in so they are easier to see in the 2D map
    • Added ability to render certain hotspots as a polygon instead of just a rectangle. Specifically, hotspots are created around regions where multiple people have traces but no consensus trace was formed.
    • Added groundwork for a future new tracing feature!
  • Bug Fixes
    • Remove drop shadow around game container



  • Gameplay
    • Hotspots where recent work (someone traced in the last few hours) was detected will now have a glimmer animation.
    • Hotspots where there has not been activity for several days will no longer be visible to reduce some visual clutter.
    • For trackpad users, a new mode has been added so the trackpad can more closely match gestures on a mobile device. For example, using a pinch and spread motion to zoom in and out. To enable this mode go to the settings menu at the top right and go to ‘General’->‘Trackpad Mode’.
  • Bug Fixes
    • On mobile devices, fix a flickering issue with the magnifier while using Connect-the-Dots.
    • Fix issues with upcoming 2D map tracing feature.



  • Gameplay
    • Undo a change where hotspots disappeared after a while, always have them visible.
    • Reduce opacity of hotspots so they are a little less distracting
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue where if you ended a trace on an existing node using virtual finger and then create a new segment with virtual finger elsewhere, it created an edge to that previous existing node.
    • Fix bug where hotspot visibility was not saved to player preferences
    • Hide hotspot when tracing while in tutorials.
    • Have comments and hotspots not be visible for new players initially, they are introduced later on with a simple tooltip message.
    • Fix issue where disconnection hotspots were not visible if no tracing hotspots were present.



  • Gameplay
    • We have reduced the number of hotspots that indicate tracing areas close to forming consensus to at most 5 per neuron. This will hopefully greatly reduce clutter and allow you only focus on the hotspots that have the highest concentration of traces.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue where sometimes it is not possible to click on or hover over a node inside a hotspot due to hit test issues while in 3D mode.
    • Fix issue where the hit test bounds of the brightness slider was too large.
    • Fix issue where the blue preview traces when using virtual finger would not be cleared if your pointing device left the bounds of the game window.