Connection Suggestion

Trying to make the right connections in a congested neuron can be a real pain. You see a couple of branches that should obviously be connected, but it doesn’t work because you’ve apparently already connected them somewhere else. Trying to track down the erroneous connection can be almost impossible. Suppose you could easily highlight the entire branch and everything connected to it - kind of like the electric red loop warnings we used to see, only friendlier; something we could turn on when we need to follow a particular line around without loosing track of it among all the other lines.

Great idea! It is very difficult when there are so many lines. Hope the brainiacs can incorporate this into the options.

Great suggestion! We’ll look into it.

As a partial work-around, you could try switching to the delete branch tool to see the layout of the branch. It won’t show you the whole cycle, but it will show you some.

That might be a help, thanks.