Error msg says to report to forums - Can't load neuron image

I tried to work on 159 and then 158. I suppose it’s a server issue? Is it really best to report these here or would it be quicker in the global chat?

I’m using a windows laptop and chrome browser - both latest versions. :slight_smile:

Hi Karenallover, thank you for letting us know. There is an issue with one of the servers that distributes the 3D image data that occurred just today. We are working on a solution, unfortunately the game will not be functional until then.

The forum is the preferred place for reporting bugs since it has a better system for tracking the history and responding to a specific concern. We greatly appreciate you posting it here! We will reply once we have fixed this problem.

The issue has been fixed, very sorry. A certificate for the 3D image server expired but we didn’t get an email to renew it. We’ve taken measures to decrease the chances this happens again in the future.