Error msg when trying to load neuron image for 140

After this happened the first time, I worked on 151 for a while which gave me no problem. Then I went back to 140. After one successful connection, I moved to another area on 140 and got the message again. Is it possible that just this image has a bug?

Both times I went back to image, the connections I had made were shown but my connection score had gone to 0.

I am working on a Dell laptop, Win 10 and Firefox (all software up to date). Thanks!


Sorry for the late response! Yeah a handful of neurons like this one and I believe 142 and 141 had certain resolution levels of the image not be processed correctly.

Those particular neuron images were not properly processed by our machines when creating the 3D data while we were making changes to that pipeline. That pipeline should be more robust now so the newer neurons should be fine.