Explaination of Hotspots

Hi players,

Here is some clarification of what the current hot spots are:

The orange hot spots indicate that there are two fragments that are not connected to each other that may need a new user created path to connect them.

The yellow/gold hot spots indicate that some number of players placed nodes in a region of the neuron but nothing in that region has produced consensus traces. It is possible that only one person has done work in that region if the consensus agreement threshold is at two people.

Hot spots are recalculated at the same time the consensus trace is updated, the way the system is set up right now each neuron is queued in a list and one it processed every 5 minutes. For example if there are 6 neurons active, it takes about 30 minutes for each one to get updated. At the moment, even if you do work to fix the hot spot, if other people haven’t and the work has not made it into consensus that hot spot will still be present.

Since hot spots (unlike comments) are automatically generated, it is important to note that they are educated guesses of what areas need work. So always use your best judgement when determining whether to add new traces as there might be cases where the hot spot is not correct. We are still working on ways to improve them and as always feel free to leave feedback on how we can make things better!

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Thanks for the info. Must have missed the announcement about them popping up more. I was used to seeing a few but now there are a lot of them!

I have some concerns about the small orange connection rectangles. They are all over the neurons like fleas, and yet in connection mode, no disconnects appear, even with consensus turned on. Are the rectangles just saying, “Somebody has a disconnection here; check and see if it’s you” ? Neuron 107 has approximately 165 (they’re hard to count) and 10 players of record not counting me. That’s an average of 16 1/2 disconnections each; that seems high.

Taking a closer look in tracing mode with consensus on, some rectangles seem to be identifying gaps in the consensus tracing, but if you try to connect the yellow traces, they insist that they’re already connected. Other rectangles seem to be encouraging us to connect lines that appear near each other but are not actually disconnected and are not even close in 3D view. Still others seem to have no purpose whatever.

It’s easy enough to turn them off, and I always do, but it just doesn’t seem like that system is functioning as intended.

I think what is happening is that you are always seeing consensus merged with your traces which is probably connected in most places already. So consensus does have disconnections in those places, unfortunately you cannot see them since it is getting combined with your traces. I went to the neuron you described and saw many gaps since I didn’t do any tracing on that one.

You are correct though that it probably makes the most sense not to show those hotspots if you’ve already connected that part. It might also be beneficial to be able to view only the consensus even if you have done work on the neuron. Also somewhat ironically, neurons with more people have tended to be more disconnected parts since there is greater potential for disagreement between traces.