Feedback Request


Tell me about some changes you’d like to see to Mozak. They can be pie-in-the-sky, outrageous, fanciful changes or realistic, down-to-earth changes. I wanna hear from you.


Pan during edit mode can be enhanced.
Now there are the green arrows for north south east west moving the volume by 50%
Adding diagonals and moving by 75% would be already an agility improvement


Something I would like to see would be the neuron map in 3D. If you could move around in it, you could look everywhere and see everything (maybe). I would also like to see the diagonal movement suggested by devotip; what a timesaver that would be.

There’s also something I’d like not to see. While tracing in cdt, leaving little yellow dots as you go, you stop to take a better look. You push the right mouse button to move the image around, and the little yellow dots become BIG YELLOW SQUARES. Now you can no longer see what you were trying to get a better look at, and pressing the H key does not make them go away. I’m guessing perhaps the squares are meant to help you not lose your place. But then you have to finalize the trace in order to see again, and it turns pink like everything else, so you are then more likely to lose your place. I would vote for just leaving the little yellow dots little. Just being yellow makes them easy enough to find.


I would like to see a video, or a series of videos that explain step-by-step how to use the tools. I’ve been through this tutorial several times, but I still don’t feel like I really am understand what it is I’m supposed to be doing with the tools. I understand the basic concept of tracing the neurons, but that’s about it.


Right now the only change I would like to see is having the “auto-z depth” setting save your choice when turning it off. I never use the auto-z tool because I can usually make a better trace of the neuron without it.
Also, have the save function for the “hotspots” setting as well.


Thanks for the input, everyone! Really appreciate it. Feel free to pop in here again as you think of things and let me know. :smiley:

  1. A separate chat for each neuron to provide local discussion.
  2. A standard way (naming convention) to number each connection to the soma and a way to indicate the branches.

In a local neuron chat we could suggest that a certain soma connection “X”, needs a bit more work at branch “Xab”, for example.

Lol. I’ve not done my homework and looked up naming conventions so here are pics of Mouse-V1-96 @ 2018-07-25 … as an example. 0 for axion >0 for dendrites. I’ve only labeled 0-9 but there are more!


2a. “Labeling Axons and Dendrites” Cool, I’m only a week old. I guess this is coming back? If we could itemise the (connecting) dendrites and non connecting paths, we could toggle these individual paths and/or make notes on them.
3. Changing Viewable Volume - This is great but needs, for example, a x10 shift / alt key. Or perhaps we could set the start and end points when looking from the volume view. (via a new keyboard or gui button)