Feedback Wanted: 3D version of Connect-the-Dots

As you may have noticed we have a new CtD tool that works in 3D (CtD3D). Same process of creating nodes and edges as the standard CtD tool, only no data slices, everything is done in 3D.
The key difference is that node is created at the 3D position that is depicted as an orange sphere. How do you get the orange sphere? Just hover with the mouse near a place for .5 seconds or so, and you should see the orange sphere nearby. At that point you can click to create an edge, or rotate the camera to see if it’s at the right place before you click. Here it is in action in a very faint region:

The tool is brand new, and we don’t even have tutorials for it, so please provide your feedback so that we can make it better, and hopefully eventually the most efficient way to trace in tricky places.

I find the new tool very useful!