Future Changes to Navigation

The Mozak team has recently focused on finding new ways to significantly increase the speed and quality of reconstructions as well as make the process much more natural.

We identified lack of easily interactive high-resolution navigation and inspection as one of the key culprits. Mozak players should be able to look at entire volume at swift rates and figure exactly where more work needs to be done.

To achieve this we will be changing the top-level mechanic of the game. Soon gameplay will be centered around a big map with smooth real-time interaction across the entire neuron space. No more waiting for a new level to load.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the map will look like - Try interacting with it, zooming in and out, moving around. Notice that on the map we can see all details, figure out exactly where axons are connected, and see all faint dots that may need to be reconstructed. There is nothing in the entire volume that is not visible on this kind of map.

Stay tuned for the first release with this feature. Feel free to comment or ask questions on this thread.


glol wrote:

That's how we feel, too!! :D

So if you have an image that’s this good, why would it need to be traced?

It’s like putting glasses on for the first time! It is so much crisper and easy to see. Hope the fun tools go with this version too :smiley: Looking forward to the new version. Thanks!!!

glol wrote:
So if you have an image that's this good, why would it need to be traced?

A crisp image is great, but it can't be measured and classified like neuroscientists need. The key is having a 3D, wireframe reconstruction of the neuron in question. That way parts of it can be tagged, dendrites and axons can be measured with extreme precision, and neuroscientists (with the help of computers) can analyze it in depth.