Gaps appear in previous tracing

I’ve noticed this a lot on TC-17. I trace, leave, reload, and multiple gaps appear in my tracing. I repair it, reload, and some of it stays repaired, but many gaps return. Eventually, if I keep repairing, the gaps give up. The tracing is in faint axon areas. A consensus update is not involved - just leaving and reloading seems to bring it on.

after reloading



after log out/reload

About what time were you doing these traces? We’ll look into things on our end.

This was on Aug 3 between noon and 6 pm. The photos were from about 4 to 6.

I just drew an arbitrary line and reloaded; very little of it was saved.

We’re also seeing the issue. Currently working to track down the reason.

This is apparently still going on. Pictures of 80:
After reload


After reloading again.

I should have used the time to scrub my shower or something instead.

Hey there, glol. We’ve been looking into this but are having a hard time reproducing the issue. We’ll keep working on it and let you know what we find out.

Additional observation, for what it’s worth:
I found that while an arbitrary line of ctd mostly disappears after reloading, an arbitrary line of finger tracing holds up well (except that it doesn’t stay in a line).

Hi glol,

We know it has been a long time, but we just released a fix that should resolve this issue.

The problem was that any single and unconnected nodes created with the Connect-the-Dots tool were not being properly sent to the server. As such, any connection to those nodes made later were not preserved either because the node was not saved after a refresh of the browser.

Apologies for the issues, hopefully it should not be happening in the future.

I hate to reopen this discussion, but this particular demon is still at work. I’ve had to repair tracing several times on VI 206 after reloading.

hmm, apologies. we will keep looking into this.