Gold Standard question

Having done a couple traces now, I’ve looked back at some of the “Results” items to better understand what I’m looking for. I understand in Mouse-V1-94, why the two tracks on either side of the main line were not included as they do not connect back the the soma, but can someone tell me why in G4C Neuron challenge M-V1-91, the track off to the right is not included. It appears to me to be a strong single and connect back.


That’s a really good observation! You are correct in that the area you describe should (probably) have been traced. If you were looking at the gold standard, that means the trace came from an expert at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. It could be that they didn’t notice the neuronal signal, or they decided it wasn’t important (for some reason), or they determined the signal was actually from a separate neuron that accidentally got caught in the image.

One of the really fantastic things about Mozak is that because so many eyes are looking at the neuron, things like this are less likely to get missed. That’s why many of the reconstructions produced by you guys actually find more signal than ones created by experts.

Thanks much, will learn more as I go along.

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