I lost all traces and score for V1-187

When I checked Mouse-V1-187 today I noticed that all my traces for this neuron are gone and score is zero. I also noticed the comment by glol about the faint trace. Maybe it got deleted somehow in the process? At the moment I traced only the dendrite under the commented area and further.

Checking this out now.

Hi EvilTwinCZ,

Thanks for the information and apologies for the issue. The good news is that your data was not deleted.

What we suspect though is there was some other crash in the game that prevented it from redrawing your traces and displaying the correct score. Unfortunately we are unsure what this crash might be. If possible could you open a developer console in your browser (usually done by pressing Shift+Ctrl+i all at once). And then reload that specific neuron. There is a tab on a row of near the top of the developer console window pane called console that you can press to view messages the game outputs. If you see anything red, that would be an error. If you can copy and paste it into this thread it would be of great help to figuring out the problem.

I hope this is what you wanted.

Hello, EvilTwinCZ!’ collab.ts:589:16
Loading 3D volume meta-data from DAP dataset.ts:64:12
Nodes do not exist for given edges neuron-forest.ts:966:14
Default brightness set to: 35 viewer.ts:297:20
THREE.ExtrudeBufferGeometry: amount has been renamed to depth. three.min.js:246:389
THREE.WebGLRenderer: Texture has been resized from (48x48) to (32x32). three.min.js:116:106
THREE.ExtrudeBufferGeometry: amount has been renamed to depth. three.min.js:246:389
switched mode to Navigation ui-mode.ts:37:12

​Edit: I overlooked these lines at the beginning
THREE.WebGLRenderer 103 three.min.js:184:462
THREE.WebGLRenderer 103 three.min.js:184:462
unexpected message of type ‘hello’: [object Object] chat.js:115:12
*** requesting scenario pid 730 cid 927215997 appState.ts:138:16
Joining collab room: 927215997 … true tutorial.ts:575:20
Success! Joined collab room: 927215997

Thanks, yes that is the right information. Are your traces still not showing up? There is one line in there that seems suspicious but I don’t think it would have caused all the traces to not be drawn.

I guess I fooled myself, sorry for troubling you. It looks like I’ve mistaken V1-187 with V1-185, which also has that long hook-shaped dendrite on the right side. :sweat:

On the other hand I have a new neuron to trace :slight_smile:

No worries, glad it turns out there wasn’t an issue!