Idea for more tools

Hey everyone! I’m relatively new here (day 2).

While trying to get a cleaner image, I noticed that there’s only a single control for changing the contrast. Has there been any consideration for implementing a double-threshold on pixel intensity? Also, would it be possible to provide different filters that we can enable/disable, i.e. median filter, to try to clean up some of the noise? If any of this is too computationally intensive, is there any consideration for developing desktop builds?

I’m unsure of the underlying engine of the program so would not be too sure of what all is possible. Just a few ideas.

Great ideas! I’ll pass these onto the team. I think you’re spot on that the more players can control the image, the better they can trace.

Awesome! I’m a research student in computer engineering and signal processing, so I find much of this interesting. If I can think of any more ways to improve the project, I’ll provide more feedback.

Oh, cool! You offer a pretty great perspective.

got another idea…how about offer a palette of colors folks can choose from? I know some people have difficulty seeing the difference between colors and it might help if they could pick which color combination works best for them.

I love that idea. Would really help with people who have color-blindness or color processing issues.

Some more control playing the scan would be nice… like Reverse play, Speed control or Slow motion and looping. I keep clickin the play button (to play and stop at desired location)… and keep scrolling with the mouse (for loopin a small part).

Ah, that would be very neat! I’ll pass that idea on to the team.