Idea for new zoom features

After playing for a while now I’ve had the time to see that sometimes it is optimal to use the Virtual finger tool and sometimes Connect the dots tool, and while switching between these I’ve realized that I really missed a couple of zoom/perspective features in each. Or to be exact, 3 features:

In connect the dots
* Since I play on my laptop I’ve gone back and forth between using the touch pad and a mouse, like a lot. The touch pad is (at least on my computer) ultimate for when you’re about to click and make a new dot as the placing seem to get more exact this way, and the mouse wheel is ultimate while trying to figure out which z-slice to be on since this provides you with a more discrete jump between the slices compared to the touch pad which just swoches away way to fast!
Solution: Introduce a keyboard shortcut for scrolling z-slices, like Ctrl and ↑↓ for an example.

* I’d also like a way to zoom in on the overall picture in the same way it can be done by scrolling in virtual finger mode. As it is now if I am to use connect the dots I first switch to virtual finger just to zoom in to get a bigger picture and then switch back. Would be so much smoother if it could just be done directly without switching between them.

In virtual finger
* In many of the neurons there is most action at the very back in the z-direction and so it falls natural that you’d want to easily rotate the perspective 180° from the re-centered view you get when pressing spacebar. I usually do this by hand but it would be really neat to be able to get it exact and to easily get there directly!
Solution: Introduce a keyboard shortcut, like Alt and spacebar or something, which instead"Re-centers the view along X, Y and Z axis, and focuses on the BACK of the challenge".

If these features would be in need for prioritization I’d say that the first one would make the biggest change.

Hope this could be for use! :slight_smile:

Lex, thank you so much for your suggestions. I agree these are some things that would make playing a lot smoother. I’ll be passing these onto the team.

Thanks again!