Impossible to fix gaps, game undoes all my work

OK I’m new to this, so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but this is my experience so far:

- I look at the “consensus” view, and there’s an axon that looks clearly traced out, at low zoom levels, but shows up as “disconnected”. This is bad, the guide assures me.

- When I zoom in, I can see it’s actually made up of little fragments that don’t join together. OK, that’s obviously bad because it doesn’t actually show how the axons connect.

- I connect all the fragment together, making sure I stick to the axon, and using the “disconnected” view to make sure I haven’t missed any gaps. I take quite a lot of time at junctions to get things connected in the right configuration.

- The consensus view updates.

- Everything is broken into little bits again. There is the odd orange spot here and there but for the most part, all the connecting I did has vanished, and the puzzle looks no better than when I started.

I get that it might still be broken up from a “consensus” perspective, because maybe not enough people did the same traces as me in order for them to take effect. But why did you delete MY effort to fix it from MY version?

So… I could spend two hours re-doing my fixes to the existing traces. Only to have them vanish again next time the consensus updates. And then have to do them again. I don’t get why you expect me to solve the same, rather tedious problem multiple times. It doesn’t sound fun.

I honestly think you would have a better map of the axons if you just let each player make their own version and pick the best one. As I think most players would have actually bothered to connect stuff up. Whereas on the consensus version, in the “disconnected” mode, there is a little blue blob in a sea of red, despite me having, just mere hours ago, an almost completely connected map of the puzzle!

Meanwhile, on your “results” pages, you’re complaining about how many gaps there are! That’s… kind of inevitable if there is no mechanism within the game for filling gaps in consensus traces.

Maybe I am missing something obvious?


You are not missing something obvious. The issue you’ve described above is a malfunction of consensus that showed up recently and that we’re working very hard to fix.

You are spot on in all of your observations and I’m truly sorry for the frustrations it’s caused. I’ve passed along the gist of your message to the development team and if they have further insights, I’ll let you know.

We’re still working out the kinks of this rather technically difficult game and definitely appreciate the feedback and effort.

Please feel free to let me know if you have further feedback, questions, or general comments. :slight_smile:

Hi smortier,

Thank you for your reply. I think perhaps I overreacted in my original post, due to frustration of seeing my work had disappeared.

I can definitely appreciate that the technical side of the consensus feature must be quite difficult to implement. I’m glad to hear it is a malfunction and not the intended mechanic.

As it does unfortunately have quite a big effect on results, from both a gameplay and scientific perspective, I probably won’t be doing any more of the challenges while things are working as they are, just because the outcome isn’t worth the time invested. However I will keep an eye on the updates page and revisit this if things improve - I think it is an excellent example of a problem that can benefit from this sort of treatment and hope to see it working well.

That’s completely understandable. Thanks so much for giving the team your perspective. It’s invaluable to get honest insight into the player side of things. If you’d like, I can email you once the disconnect issue is resolved?

We’re hoping the fix we pushed out on Friday has resolved this issue.