Impossible to remove wrong long traces

in mouse v1 111 there are some long traces that are to be removed.
removing them has effect and shorter correct ones are appearing
some time later the path is back to initial outline
attached is an example


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Thanks, devo. The team will look into this.

Hi devotip,

Investigating your traces on that particular neuron, do you recall creating the long straight edge found in the attached image?

This was with consensus traces turned off so hopefully it is showing just your work. The problem is that this line likely had segments or small portions of it be part of a consensus contribution as a result of resampling. In the consensus view, deleting these fragments wouldn’t delete the entire original edge that is shown in the picture, since they only represent portions of it we can’t just remove the whole thing.

In this situation try turning off consensus and deleting that edge as well as deleting the extraneous edges with consensus turned on and that should resolve this. We’ll try to see if we can have a simpler solution, but it is tricky since we wan’t to minimize changing player’s personal trace history. I was looking at the consensus results and it didn’t have the issues that are present in your example so it is likely just a problem with the viewer merging consensus with your work.

I am fairly sure I did not made it, even using pencil mode such a long line is unlikely to happen. As far as I can recall those unusually long lines started to appear few weeks ago.

Maybe too drastic but why not a “too long to be correct” filter?

Ah, thanks for the clarification. If that is the case then the actual root cause bug is that an incorrect edge was added, still trying to figure out how that would happen.

From the perspective of the consensus creation, rejecting edges that are too long might be tossing away too much work, there might be branches that are fairly straight that a long edge captures correctly at some sections. It might make more sense to have the client prevent players from creating lines that are too long in the first place, as you said this might be drastic measure though it might encourage smaller more accurate traces too.

Is deleting a segment “voting” to pull it out of consensus?

Hi devotip,

Sorry for the late response, yes you are correct it is a vote. If enough other people decide to delete it, it will not be part of visible consensus. However, the game remembers that you deleted it, so it should stay deleted in your view even if no one else has tried to delete it.

removing the long lines only made them reappear after some time, removed the nearby ones too and now the wrong long ones are gone

thanks for the update. That is very interesting, traces re-appearing would suggest a consensus bug, not just a client one. will let you know if we can replicate and resolve it.

as a test target I find mouse v1 111 fairly rich of those wrong long lines

mouse v1 120 has similar issue


thanks for the image, i haven’t had time to work on this particular issue the past week unfortunately, but it is in our bug logs.

look at the colored square, there are two immense long lines along its diagonal mouse v1 123