Long lines bridging curved path

Looking at current mouse v1-76 there are many long lines bridging curved paths, sometimes more then one in parallel and still disconnected.

It may be an odd automated consensus side effect.

What attitude is correct toward those? delete and redraw following a more accurate path or are good enough and no reason to retrace them?

Hi devotip, yeah this is most likely a consensus related effect due to some users perhaps creating traces with less dots/nodes and these trace to some extent overriding more carefully done traces.

Deleting current consensus doesn’t quite work right now and those traces will most likely reappear due to how the system is combining the consensus directly in a user’s work. We are working on an improved consensus that will not do that, which should address some of these issues, in the meantime connecting fragments where it makes sense would be productive but deleting and retracing won’t be useful as far as improving the final result due to problems in the consensus process.