Lost features in latest updates

While latest updates are overall good there are some features that are not in place anymore. The following two I think are lost by mistake.

While in virtual finger connect mode clicking on a previous trace dot was loading the surrounding volume to allow for tracing in that volume, now it works only once.

While in connect the dot and no highlighted dots, clicking on a dot was setting it as starting point and loading the volume, clicking on a highlighted one was unselecting it allowing to move the focus elsewhere.

Checking this out. Thanks, Devo!

thanks @devotip. These are all unintended regressions, as far as i can see. we’ll address them shortly. Please send more of these if you spot them. we had a big overhaul of things are we are rolling out full brain reconstructions from Janelia that operates in space of 100 neurons in same volume that is 100s times larger. As a result a lot of things needed to work differently so that we can support both current neurons and the new full mouse brain data.

The surrounding volume loading should be working again in those cases in the latest release.

yes, it works at least as well as before