Meaning of the Different Colored Traces

Just in case your trace color legend disappeared before you had a chance to memorize it:

  • Blue: community consensus

  • Orange: your contributions to consensus

  • Purple: your work not yet checked against the consensus

  • Hope this helps!

    That’s quite helpful!

    Is there a way to show/hide the traces?

    The “H” key on your keyboard will adjust the opacity of ALL traces. Continue hitting H until all traces are invisible.

    Can you pass on the message it would be nice to have more differentiation between connected axons and connected dendrites, please? They are both a light blue with a small variation in color. When looking at the picture as a whole, it is hard to know which color was used on a line and correct mistakes. It would be helpful to see them as different kind of lines more easily. Thank you!!!

    Very good point, as always, mo. I’ll pass this message on.