Mouse-V1-299 Glitch in Image

Howdy all,

On puzzle Mouse-V1-299 the bottom of the image appears unaligned. I don’t know if this is an issue on my end or an issue with the puzzle itself. The glitch makes that part impossible to connect.

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Thank you for pointing this out lconor, yeah this seems like a glitch in the raw image data! I think it is best to ignore that portion that is offset.

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So it’s still worth tracing the rest of the image?

Yeah, other than that misaligned chunk, the rest of the image should be good to continue tracing on.

Hi! Grace from the Allen Institute morphology team here. You’re right–this is an issue with the image. The full volume is generated from many images stitched together, so these errors happen sometimes. Do your best, and we’ll take it from there!