Non-loading Problem

Here’s the picture of the issue.

Could you describe the symptom you’re seeing? Do you see a blank area with a spinning loading indicator? Are you getting any error dialogs?

Also, do you have any plugins installed on your browser, like ad blockers? (We don’t have ads but perhaps something got caught up accidentally.)


I see the headings, the neuron title, and the chat box. Nothing where the image should be. I don’t know of any plugins, although my computer was recently in for repairs.

When this began, I was working on a neuron and suddenly got the chrome unsmiley face message asking if I wanted to reload. That did not work, nor did logging in and trying again.

Still trying to track down the issue. Can you open the developer tool again (F12), load the problem page, and screenshot what you see under the NETWORK tab?



Hmm. Okay, that didn’t quite get us what we needed. Can you try keeping the dev tools (with network tab) open, navigate away from Mozak, then back to a challenge. Hoping that’ll give us more info.

If there’s a long list of stuff, a screenshot of the end would be the most helpful.

fingers crossed

I had to practice that one. This is the tail end.

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Okay. We’re almost there, I think. Can you select one of the rows that starts “react.production… / 301” and screenshot the pane of details that comes up next to it? Should look like this: image

I took 2 shots so as to get in the whole list.


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Might have an answer for you…

While the dev tools are open (the F12 deal) left click on the refresh icon in Chrome, choose “clear cache and hard reload”. Give that a shot and then try to go into a challenge.

OMG : ))))))))) thank you thank you.I was afraid I would have to go back to cooking and cleaning. Any clue as to what happened or how to avoid it?

Apparently, it was just a fluke where you loaded the page at the exact wrong moment and it got stuck.

So happy we could help distract you from boring tasks!!!