Not able to load image

During the past 24 hours, I’ve had a problem with Mouse 170. I’ve traced most of the neuron, just adding a few last touches, but after a minute or so, it gives me a “not able to load neuron image, Refresh” message and dumps me out to a new load. It does save the work I’ve done in that minute or so, but sure is frustrating to lose my place. Have had no problem with other images. Using a Mac with Safari.

It works okay when correcting missing connections, just has a problem loading new traces.

Hi tomtri, we released a fix for an issue that would trigger the “not able to load neuron image” error message. There was an error in our 3D image parsing that only occurred if the data was configured a very certain way so it was happening only for specific neurons.

Apologies for the problems, please let us know if you still are having this issue in the future.

Thanks much, no problem since or with other neurons.