Quicker feedback on "stray traces"

Right now I will sometimes see blue consensus traces that I’m pretty sure are extraneous. I think it would be helpful if the folks at AIBS added comments to active neurons highlighting “noise” that shouldn’t be traced in addition to the existing comments directing players toward missing signal. It would be really neat if there was some way for them to tag those stray traces in a different color to prevent people from wasting time touching up and connecting useless noise.

I definitely agree. In fact, we had a meeting yesterday discussing this topic. Both AIBS and CGS will be working on putting in comments for “don’t trace” areas. We’re also working on just improving comments overall. Hopefully, you’ll see some positive changes coming down the pipeline soon!

When I delete stray traces that are definitely extraneous, my score goes down, so there is no incentive to correct these traces (but I still do it when I am sure they are extraneous). Is there a way to provide an incentive for us to clean up extraneous points or lines in a consensus-derived version?

PJ, you make a good point. Having the potential score go down can be discouraging. Though it ultimately doesn’t affect your final score (if it’s extraneous, it won’t go into consensus and you will ultimately not gain those points), it still isn’t fun to see the numbers drop. I’ll mention this to the team and see what we can do.