Score updates seem to lock me out of tracing

Hi, posted this info in Global, also.

Whenever my score updates, the “game” will not allow me to select anymore nodes. I have some success with the VF but even that is sporadic. I have experienced this problem with both the Chrome and Firefox browsers. My only reliable fix is to refresh the page which is frustrating because then I have to search for the area I was working in and get everything readjusted to continue working on my project. Today I have been trying to make connections in challenge 162. Thanks! Karen

Can you elaborate on how VF is behaving?

Hi, I would be able to get VF to trace a very clear connection maybe once or twice. After that, it would not make connections but it might draw a short trace somewhere else in the space.

Really, this has been an ongoing experience. In the past I could usually work on 3-4 sections before refresh was required but today it was happening after I worked on just 1 section. If my score increased, sometimes I wasn’t able to finish even one section.

I am using an older laptop - Dell Inspiron 15 with Windows 10. I try to keep everything updated and will switch between Chrome and Firefox when one seems to be particularly buggy. For example, I’ll sometimes get an error about the browser not supporting Web GL but obviously it does because I’ll have been working fine for 30-60 mins before the error occurs.

Hope this is helpful - I enjoy the game when it “flows”. :slight_smile: Karen

Hi Karenallover,

We believe we know the cause of this bug and are currently working on a solution right now. The issue is due to the ‘hotspots’, the orange/yellow shapes, sometimes blocking the hit testing of any nodes inside of them.

We’ll let you know when we release the fix. Very sorry for the issues and thank you for bringing it up!

Hi Karenallover, we just released an update that should address this bug. Let us know if you are still having problems. Thanks!