Scoring Consensus

Some thoughts on consensus:

This recent discussion started with Rasa asking “how do I go to the next level?”

And with my frustration at seeing others scoring 10X my score and wondering what I was missing as I scrolled through layer after layer. Then seeing a score of 80 vs 25000 traced didn’t help. I jumped in on a couple when they first opened up and got high scores using the same techniques I had before; it’s all about timing.

Subsequent discussion points out that you need to be among the first 3-4 to trace a line to get credit in the scoring system. This rewards timing, not skill, diligence, patience, perseverance, whatever. Perhaps not what the scientist using our results primarily want.

The current practice of requiring 3 to trace the same line, before declaring it a trace, seems sound; can’t just go on one person connecting a few random dots. But some traces are more obvious than others and nearly all would track them. The present stop-gap measure of giving everyone 24 hours before declaring consensus opens the door for more people to have a shot at scoring, but doesn’t lead to focused attention on more difficult tracing.

Perhaps a method of weighting the score by the number of people tracing that particular line would work. Three to confirm, then as more people find that line, diminishing it’s value/contribution to the total score. For example, the first three to identify a 100 micron trace get 100 points. Then when more people, say 3 more, ID the same line, all get only 50 points each – the same value attributed to that segment, now shared among however many people identify it. This takes timing out of it and encourages a broader search. It will be frustrating to see one’s score drop as more people identify the traces you have uncovered, but something like that happens a bit now. I was only a few hundred points below glol and thought I could catch up by looking through more layers. I did find more traces, but saw his score go up just as mine did. He had already been there and the system was just waiting for a third marker to give us all points.

Whatever the system designers chose, I enjoy the game and will continue to play. However the frantic effort to get in first doesn’t appeal to me and I’ll stick with looking around older neurons for hidden traces.