Shifting traces

While working on making connections on 168 (8/10) I noticed some unconnected tracing with no signal under it. I thought, “tsk, sloppy tracing.” Then I noticed the line was very similar to one about 1/2" away. Apparently after I traced, something shifted; then I came back later and traced the same thing over again. The lines are not identical so I know they were traced separately. I found several of these, always unconnected; I don’t know for sure, but I suspect the shifting all happened at the same time rather than separately as I have not found new examples the last couple of days. No idea what prompted it.

1%20168%208-10-19%20330pm%201 3%20168%208-10%20340pm%203

2%20168%208-10%202 4%20168%208-10%20848pm%204

Thanks for the detailed bug report. This is very odd behavior, do you recall if one copy was your trace vs the consensus trace?

One long standing issue that we have had that I have noticed causing traces to appear shifted is if there are multiple tabs/windows open with the application. I don’t remember seeing this specific issue appear, but it has caused traces to not appear overlaid correctly on the image.

I usually have the consensus tracing turned off and I usually close windows that I’m not using, but I can’t really say for sure on this occasion. If it happens again, I’ll check.