If we are playing by making a 2 dimensional tracing of the branches of the dendrites and axons, wouldn’t it make sense to take advantage of the 3 dimensional aspect of the object? A dendrite can have sections that very clearly travel on the plane of the slide we are working on, which is easily noticeable by the brightness. It can also travel away from the plane or towards the plane. If there were a way to differentiate between a connection that is evidently on the plane (say with a thicker line) and one that is heading away or towards that plane (say with a thinner line) then the end result would result in an object that is being constructed in degrees much the way an inkjet printer would print a black and white image.
By giving the players the options of assigning a thick line (connections that are more definite) vs. a thin line (connections that might be traveling on or off the plane) the game creators have a way to give the game a twist while also improving the quality of the final creation.
I don’t know if I am explaining my thoughts on this very well but I thought I would throw it out there.

Passing your message onto the team. Thanks!