Tutorial Thoughts

I know for many of you, it’s been ages since you’ve gone through the tutorials. Even so, I’m wondering if you have any feedback on your experience. Did you find them sufficient to teach you how to play? Were parts of it confusing? Were they engaging or boring? What are your thoughts on how we could improve the experience for first-time players?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!

When I started tracing, a couple of years ago, the tutorial was minimal: learn to trace a line, connect the dots, and watch out for Z-jumps and noise. It was enough to get started. There wasn’t a lot to learn, but there was also very little information available and almost no feedback. It was hard to even find the help page. Now we have abundant information, but also lots more tools and options to learn about. I don’t know what the tutorial is like now, but I can imagine it might be daunting for a beginner.

What about having some beginner neurons or parts of neurons. Only beginners (defined as having fewer than X number of points) could trace them. Maybe they could be previously traced puzzles from the archives with the consensus disabled or turned off. When they finished tracing, the consensus could be toggled on so they could see what they missed and/or got “correct.” You can’t learn from your mistakes if you never see them. Then they could be awarded a bunch of points based on mileage and accuracy. Probably no competition or leaderboard for these puzzles; maybe just a Beginner’s board showing how close they are to advancing out of beginner status. These puzzles could introduce them to the various anomalies they are likely to encounter, like blood vessels, neighboring neurons, and various ambiguous blobs.

I don’t know if any of that is even possible, but I think it would be a better environment for learning what to do, especially being able to get some specific feedback.

Thanks so much for the feedback, glol. I definitely agree that a “beginner neuron” would be a huge benefit! Really good idea.

Just came to for first time. Would like to help science … but I don’t have a mouse wheel. Is there some other way to zoom in? I went through the tutorials and no other option was mentioned. I hope to be able to contribute.

Welcome barbbarr! Apologies for these issues, we will look into how to improve things. Another way to zoom in and out while in the 2D map mode (the view that you see the first time you enter any neuron) is to the the + and - keys. In normal keyboard layout they are to the left of the backspace key and to the right of the zero key.

Unfortunately while in 3D tracing mode, those keys do not work. But thankfully they are not necessary to be able to trace.