Upper Right Corner

It’s kind of a busy place.

In Map mode, using the target square to select the level of magnification you want, the writing that identifies the level number is quite often hidden beneath the other stuff. Why not put the writing on, say, the lower left part of the square instead, or both, or some other spot that would be more visible?

And while we’re in the area, a word about the new starry cheerleaders. For those who don’t feel they need the extra encouragement, a way to turn off that option would be welcome. They’re kind of cute when you accidentally poke one and it starts spinning, but when they really get to celebrating, it can be a little intrusive.

Thanks for the feedback glol, yeah that portion is getting a bit crowded. Good idea about providing an option of to turn off the quest animations, I will add it to our task list as well as brainstorming how to unclutter that region you pointed out.